De Fabulous Hair D- Tox Treatment ( formerly Hair Beautox )

De Fabulous

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Anti-frizz Hair & Scalp Solution

Hair D-TOX is a revolutionary treatment that uses botanical ingredients to give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of.


Glycolic Acid:

1. Helps hair withstand heat

2. Makes hair more manageable

3. Exfoliates the scalp

4. Resulting in less flaking

Cysteine Protein:

1. Works in synergy

2. Restores lost proteins

3. Reduced curl volume

Acai Berry Oil Properties:

1. Highly moisturizing

2. Natural emollient

3. Restores elasticity to hair

4. Anti-bacterial

5. Protects hair from Free Radicals

Hair D-TOX penetrates deep into the core, depositing Cysteine protein, natural oils and fruit acids to strengthen the hair from the inside out. Smoothing, hydrating and sealing the hair on a strand by strand level making hair smooth and manageable.


(This product is for professional license cosmetologists only, not for resale)