Amazon Remedy Curl Taming Elixir 16oz

Amazon Remedy Curl Taming Elixir 16oz


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Remedy CurlTaming Elixir 16oz / 

Remedy Miracle Smoothing uses revolutionary NEW technology to reverse years of damage. Infused with cysteine protein and sugar cane acids (AHA) our system fortifies, hydrates and helps minimize damage on a strand by strand level. This versatile smoothing elixir can be used to remove 90% of your frizz while leaving the curls intact or as a maximum curl release formula, all depending on its application and use.

Finally, a natural, botanical, formaldehyde-free way to have all the benefits of a keratin without the harmful fumes. Remedy Miracle Smoothing Elixir your natural REMEDY to luxurious, frizz-free hair.


Use to soften curls from hair